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Evaluating our wellbeing tool

Demographic data: 100 participants completed the Cool, Calm and Collective evaluation questionnaire after testing the wellbeing tool. 100% of the participants gave consent for their feedback to be used in the tool’s evalutation. Most participants were aged 12-19 years old. 64 participants were under 16 and confirmed that they were given permission by their parent or guardian to participate. Most participants were female (63%), 28% were male and 9% preferred not to say. Most participants were white (80%) and 20% were of other ethnicities including: African, Asian, Black, Caribbean and Mixed. Most participants were from the UK (90%) and the other 10% were from the United States, Poland, Nigeria, China, Falkland Islands, Belgium, Bangledesh, Australia, Antigua and Bangladesh.  


Image data: It was found that the animal album (68%) and the water features album (64%) were the two most viewed albums. Participants found the animal, water and sunsets, sunrises and sky’s albums to be the most soothing, with 21% agreement for each. The least soothing album was the random album with 33% of participants agreeing so.


Music data: 36% of participants said that they did listen to the tool’s music album while browsing, while 39% browsed in silence, 21% listed to their own music and 12% listened to something else.  13% of participants who did listen to our music album found it very soothing, 29% found the music somewhat soothing, with only 4% finding the music not soothing.


User experience data: Overall, participants

spent between 1-20 minutes using the tool,

as shown in the graph. The average (mean)

time participants spent browsing images was

11 minutes.


When asked if they would use the tool

again, 46% of participants stated yes, 21%

of participants said they would not use it

again and 33% said they were not sure.

When asked if they would recommend our

tool to others, 50% of participants said they

would, 23% said they wouldn’t and 27% said

they were not sure.


Qualitative data: Our last question asked for general feedback on our tool. We got a lot of positive reviews on how relaxing and great the tool was, with many people seeing a difference in their mood after participating. One participant stated “I found this tool very relaxing especially the photos of landscapes, flowers and water. Some beautiful pictures!” One participant also commented on the usage of music in the tool, they stated “Great idea. I liked the images you picked. For me, the music was very evocative and made me relax more than the images alone. I know this because at first, I looked at the images without the soothing music, and then put the music on. I felt myself relax with the music. Thank you.” Many participants also stated that they would use our tool again with one participant saying, “It works great! Very cool. Would use plenty of times again. 10/10.” However, we spotted other themes while reviewing the comments. Some people commented that the tool was too simple and that there was not much for people to do. One participant stated, “The reason why I wouldn’t recommend this to another peer is because I found this very simple.” Another criticism we found resurfaced occasionally was that people found the layout confusing or difficult to understand. A participant commented that they found it confusing and another did not understand what they were meant to do. Others overall enjoyed the experience but thought there should be another way to view the photographs. For example, a participant said the tool “needs a different way of browsing the images.” Although some participants stated that the tool was too simplistic, the overall evidence from participants showed that it was effective at reducing stress and increasing relaxation and happiness. Therefore, it is proposed that Cool, Calm & Collective is a simple evidenced-based wellbeing tool that can be further developed to include more technical features and personalisation options in the future.

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