This project has very kindly been sponsored by the Wellcome Trust.

The Project Soothe team thank the Trust for their generous support.



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Play Sort & Soothe

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The Soothe & Soothe team developed this game with Project Soothe images. Here's how to play:


1. Click on a photo album;

2. As you look through the images in the album note what 'themes' you find. For example, do the images fall into categories like animals, water, landscapes etc;

3. Play the game for as long as you like with as many albums as you wish;

4. Once you're finished playing please give the team your feedback by clicking on the 'Give your feedback' link. Your feedback will help the team to evaluate Sort & Soothe and to develop it further. Anyone is welcome to test the game and give feedback.

Click here to give your feedback
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