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Designing our wellbeing tool


Our aims for this project have been the same from the very start; to create a wellbeing tool that boosts the mental wellbeing of young people using project soothe images. We also wanted to focus on helping people with anxiety and anger management issues to calm down.



Our initial ideas included a small planetarium and a cardboard virtual reality headset. Both of these would be used to view a short video that, along with some calming music, would allow a stressed individual to calm down. In the end we chose to go with the VR headset idea however we did run into a few problems along the way.



To test this idea we made a prototype VR headset for testing. However our research showed that a VR headset does not work very well as a display unit for still images, and as such it was back to the drawing board to re-imagine our tool.


We came up with several ideas but in the end decided to keep our original tool but to re-imagine how it was going to be displayed, that being on a normal screen. The content of the videos also evolved to include Harry Potter (Registered Trademark) specific inspirational quotes rather than general inspirational quotes as we found them very relatable and empowering.


Data Collection: 

Next we needed to recruit people to pilot our tool. By this point we were well into lockdown so when it came to working out how to recruit willing volunteers to test the videos we had to plan around this. We decided to recruit pupils from our school once lockdown ended and school re-opened.

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Designing our wellbeing tool