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Piloting our wellbeing tool

Participants: First year pupils at our high school, aged 11-12 years old, were invited to test the Soothe Vision wellbeing.


Setting: Participants were recruited and tested the Soothe Vision tool during their Personal and Social Education (PSE) classes.


























1. First year pupils were told about the Soothe Vision study through their PSE Teacher. Pupils were also given a Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form to take home and read/sign with their parent or guardian.


2. Pupils who chose to participate returned they completed Consent Form to school and participated in one research session during their PSE class.


3. During the research session, participants were instructed how to access the Soothe Vision videos via the wellbeing tool’s webpage on the Young Citizen Scientists website.


4. Participants were then asked to view as many of the Soothe Vision videos as they wished before completing the online evaluation questionnaire. Participants were provided with a link to access the questionnaire.

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Soothe Vision wellbeing tool page

Materials: The Soothe Vision wellbeing tool is a collection of six short videos, around two minutes each, which combine Project Soothe images with inspirational quotes from Harry Potter and music created specifically for the tool. These videos are hosted on the Soothe Vision wellbeing tool webpage shown on the right and accessed here. A Participant Information Sheet was created to tell pupils about the study so that they could make an informed choice about whether they would like to participate. A pupil/parent consent form was created. An online questionnaire was also created to collect feedback from participants about the Soothe Vision wellbeing tool. Participants had access to a computer during the class research session to access the tool and evaluation questionnaire. They also had earphones to listen to the music in the videos without disturbing other participants.