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Designing our wellbeing tool

After exploring different kinds of research with the help of our project co-ordinator, our group found out about different ways people feel relaxed and less anxious. After researching this, we decided we would design and create a chilled out room for 1 person to use at a time for approx 15-20 minutes.


The idea of this room is to help people and to give the person somewhere to go when they need a bit of time to themselves. With this being the idea, we decided to name our project ‘Time Oot’. Our room will have 4 different themes and everyday it will be different. The 4 looks/themes we have chosen are: summer, seaside, forest and garden.


In the room we will have different scents for each different theme and it will be sprayed before someone enters. There will be different objects to feel and touch, and pictures and photos to look at. There will also be paper and pens/pencils to use while in the room, as some people find drawing and writing soothing.


In this ‘Time Oot’ room, there will also be mood lighting and music to create the sound of the theme chosen for that day. Having music and mood lighting will also allow the room to be very calming for the individual using the room. We have also chosen to have beanbags in our room. Beanbags will let the person relax and be comfy.


At the end of the sessions there will be feedback forms, to be filled in anonymously, to allow our group to work on or change anything to our room if needed. The feedback forms will also allow the person to ask for a peer mentor if they feel they need they need more support after leaving our ‘Time Oot’ room.




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