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The mission of our Young Citizen Scientists project is to teach young people research skills and help them to create wellbeing tools using our soothing images.

Project Soothe is a ‘citizen science’ research project launched by a team of Psychologists at the University of Edinburgh in 2015. In 2020 the Project has moved to the University of Reading. We collect soothing images and use them to improve wellbeing. Citizen Scientists from more than 40 countries have helped us create a bank of 800+ soothing  images so far. Browse our images and learn more at www.ProjectSoothe.com

Our mission

Our research shows that looking at 25 of our images improves mood. The mission of our Young Citizen Scientists project is to teach young people research skills and help them to create their own wellbeing tools using our soothing images.

Our teams

We have taught research skills to around 200 children and young people in schools and other youth groups. We then invited our ‘young citizen scientists’ to form small teams and co-design wellbeing tools for themselves and their peers. We have further extended collaborations with many partners to help support young people’s wellbeing and resilience building. We hope that, upon further research, we will be able to develop these wellbeing tools to help children and young people around the world. Meet our teams of young citizen scientists and find out about their wellbeing tools here.

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Read the full Young Citizen Scientist project report.

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If you have questions or comments about Project Soothe, please get in touch via the contact for on the Project Soothe website.

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Cool, Calm & Collective

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, Broughton High School is a mainstream secondary school (ages 11 to 18 years).

Soothe Vision

The team created a tool involving videos, inspiring quotes, and specially created music, and was able to pilot and evaluate it despite COVID restrictions

Honey Beam

Nine students from George Watson's College formed team ‘Honey Beam,’ to create a book titled ‘The Soothing Adventures of Bea.’

Read the Report

Project Soothe is a Global Citizen Science project involving academics and citizens. It was developed to establish a bank of soothing images, which were submitted and rated by citizen scientists across the world.

Download the full Young Citizen Scientists Project report (PDF).

Funding Support

We are grateful to have received funding from the following organisations.